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Attention IU students

Do not return to campus if you have symptoms of COVID-19 or believe you’ve been infected. Report your symptoms through the IU Health virtual screening clinic.

Helping you prepare for the semester ahead

an illustration of important student gear - a backpack, face mask, laptop, and bottle of hand sanitizer

Indiana University is excited to have students, faculty, and staff back on campus. It's on all of us to create a safe environment for teaching, learning, and research this fall.

Mitigation testing: If selected for mitigation testing, it's vital you participate so we can continue to actively manage the pandemic and keep our IU community as safe as possible.

What if...? What if I feel sick? What if I have to quarantine? There are many questions about what could happen as we navigate this pandemic. We've found answers to your common what if questions.

Our campuses might look different this year, but our community hasn't changed. Watch how we're staying #IUStrong.

We are #IUStrong.

Description of the video:

#IUStrong (graphic treatment)

[student talking to camera]
It’s more than a hashtag
It’s who we are

[shots that show a mix of online and in-person learning]
It means unleashing our potential
To shape a college experience for a new era
To keep learning from the best, with the best
To stay connected
To stay the course
It’s our chance to defy the times
And turn our vision for what can be into a world we’re proud to lead

[shots that show the people we need to keep healthy and safe]
Being IU strong means we’re part of something so much bigger than ourselves
The brightest minds from across the globe
Professors who care about who we are and where we’re going
Researchers on the forefront of discovery
An alumni family 700,000 members strong
Forever friends
A community—always in our corner

[shots that show masking up, handwashing, social distancing]
So what will it take to keep IU strong?
Every single one of us
Doing our part
Making choices every day
That keep our communities safe
Showing strength by showing love
To protect our home

[close with student talking to camera]
Let’s show the world what it means to be IU strong

[#IUStrong / Indiana University lockup]

Frequently asked questions

Find answers to questions the IU community is asking about related to learning, teaching and research during the fall 2020 semester.

Changes to the academic calendar for fall and spring

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